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Grappa del cacciatore, 35cl

CHF 32.00

The Cocktail - Cacao Spirit, 25cl

CHF 52.00

Grappa del cacciatore, 10cl

CHF 12.00

Nr. 11 Muscat Bleu Traubenbrand, 50cl

CHF 78.00

Tirggel Schnaps, 35cl

CHF 36.00

Nocino, 10cl

CHF 12.00

Nocino, 35cl

CHF 32.00

Glarner Alpenbitter Fleur, 70cl

CHF 47.00

Wermut Rot, 100cl

CHF 32.00

Kirsch Hochstamm, 10cl

CHF 9.90

Wermut Weiss, 100cl

CHF 32.00

Helvetico Vermouth Rosso, 75cl

CHF 34.00