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Turicum Wood Barreled Gin, 50cl

CHF 76.00

ZH Züri Gin Winter Edition, 50cl

CHF 52.00

ZH Züri Gin, 50cl

CHF 52.00

The Cocktail - Negroni, 50cl

CHF 54.00

Deux Frères Gin, 50cl

CHF 65.00

Seefelder Gin No. 8, 50cl

CHF 52.00

Laginori Gin, 50cl

CHF 62.00

Turicum Vodka, 50cl

CHF 49.00

ZH Züri Whisky 5 years, 50cl

CHF 68.00

Noos Nocino Ticinese 50cl - 30% Vol

CHF 59.00

Dr. Kreuters Aromaticum

CHF 89.00

Fürscht Pinot Noir AOC St. Gallen 75cl

CHF 38.00